Auto Repair Services

Binghamton, New York

The experienced ASE Certified Technicians at UpFront Auto Clinic in Binghamton, NY, are here to take care of all your auto repairs – both domestic and foreign – using the latest diagnostic equipment, higher quality parts, and their years of experience. Rest assured that your car or truck will be in the best hands.

With over 20 years of experience with repairing all vehicle makes and models, you can count on us to find the exact issue affecting your car’s performance and how to best resolve it. We can repair any component of your vehicle, from the transmission to the fuel pump and even your cooling and heating system. As a TECHNET Professional Automotive Service facility, your repairs will be guaranteed under our nationwide warranty for 24 months or 24,000 miles, so you know we stand behind all our work, no matter the size or difficulty.

Our auto repair services include:

Advanced Diagnostics

We are the diagnostic professionals! Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to accurately pinpoint any issues with your vehicle so we can come up with the right solution. With UpFront Auto Clinic, your car or truck’s issues will be fixed correctly the first time with no unnecessary repairs or maintenance. If your vehicle doesn’t need it replaced, we won’t replace it!

Brake Repairs

Your vehicle’s brake system is essential for staying safe on the road. Whether you hear a squealing noise when you brake or your vehicle needs more distance to come to a complete stop than it used to, we can identify and repair any issues with your brakes. We can repair disc and drum brakes on any vehicle make and model and we offer hassle-free repairs and replacement for any component of your brake system, including brake lines, brake pads, parking brakes, master cylinders and more.

Wheel Alignment

Making sure your wheels are properly aligned is important to how long your tires last. A misaligned vehicle can cause uneven tire wear, vibrating or uneven steering wheel, the feeling of being pulled to the left or right when driving and many more issues. We can precisely align your wheels and tires so that your drive is much smoother and your tires will last longer—which will save you so much money in the long run!

Water Pump, Fuel Pump and Line Repairs and Replacements

Your fuel pump and fuel line help give your car or truck the energy it needs to go, while your water pump keeps it cool. If you experience any issues with your fuel or water pump system, we can repair or replace any component so your vehicle can have the fuel it needs without any hassle or worries about overheating.

Tire Service

We offer a full range of tire services, including sales, mounting, balancing and so much more. Whether you need new tires or you need someone to put your new tires on your vehicle, you can count on UpFront Auto Clinic to give you the service you deserve.

Battery Repairs and Replacement

Your car’s battery keeps your whole system going, so it’s difficult to get on the road when your battery doesn’t have the juice it needs. We can repair or replace your battery so you can get back to driving without any interruptions.

Alternators, Starters and Ignitions

Your alternator, starter and ignition are responsible for keeping your battery charged and your vehicle going. If your battery isn’t holding a charge, your headlights pulsate or your vehicle isn’t starting up, come to UpFront Auto Clinic so we can figure out the issue with your vehicle and repair or replace any component in your alternator, start or ignition.

Exhaust System Repairs

Your exhaust system doesn’t just keep your vehicle going; it also keeps exhaust fumes from getting into your cabin and keeps you safe and healthy while driving. If you notice that your exhaust system is getting louder as you drive, your vehicle’s fuel efficiency has decreased or you’re smelling exhaust fumes while you’re on the road, it’s time to get your exhaust system repaired. We can repair or replace any and all components, including mufflers, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters and more, so your vehicle can safely emit exhaust fumes without making excessive noise or contaminating the cabin.

Steering and Suspension

Does your vehicle bounce when you drive? Do you notice uneven wear on your tires? Has steering and making smooth turns become more difficult over time? These signs and many more point to issues with your steering and suspension. Your steering and suspension work together to keep your car or truck stable and balanced so you can drive without any hassle or bumpiness. We can keep your vehicle’s wheels intact with the road by repairing and replacing any components of your steering and suspension. From shocks and struts to wheel bearings and power steering, we have extensive knowledge of steering and suspension for all vehicle makes and models, so you can count on us to find the solution so you can get back on the road and drive smoothly.

Transmission Repairs

Your vehicle’s transmission has many intricate parts that can experience issues. These issues can escalate and become more difficult and costly to repair if not detected right away. If you notice fluid leaking from your vehicle, a burning smell under the hood, slipping or grinding during acceleration while shifting gears or any other issues, bring your vehicle to UpFront Auto Clinic. We’ll be able to check if your transmission is causing the issue and can work on repairing, rebuilding or replacing parts of your system or the whole system entirely.

Engine Repairs

Noticing a clicking sound from your engine? Is your vehicle stalling? These are some of the many signs that indicate engine troubles. If your vehicle’s engine is giving you trouble, come to UpFront Auto Clinic. We can diagnose your issue and repair, rebuild or replace your engine so you can get back on the road.

Cooling and Heating System Repairs

Your heating and cooling system helps you stay comfortable during drives in extreme cold or hot weather. If you notice that you’re not getting as much hot or cold air, your coolant is leaking or there’s a foul odor when you turn on the heater, it’s time to get your vehicle’s cooling and heating repaired. From flushing out old coolant to fixing leaks and even retrofitting your system, we have the experience needed so you don’t freeze or overheat on the road.

Electrical Issues

From the cables to the battery, your vehicle’s electrical system helps keep it going because it powers so many other systems like the alternator, the ignition and more. If your car or truck’s electrical system needs work, count on UpFront Auto Clinic. We can repair any component of your electrical system so you can get back on the road without worrying about performance issues.

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